Medical Massage Therapy services for athletes, non-athletes, teams and companies at our facility and yours!

Injury/surgical recovery in less than half the time, intense workout recovery in less than 24 hours.

Oxi (the problem) +

Fusion (the solution)

= OxiFusion(TM) (Lasting Results)

"Fusion4Athletes(R) developed OxiFusion(TM) to treat the root cause of pain because you demand lasting results!" says Jim the founder.

Unfortunately massage, foam rolling, or stretching will not fully recover 'tight' muscles because science proves they are damaged by Free Radicals

OxiFusion(TM) regenerates and fully recovers muscles with only 2 Steps:

1. Balance physiology - get muscles out of Oxidative Stress.

2. Repair the damage - apply our advanced "Fusion" Massage (muscle cleaning massage combined with technology).

60 min of OxiFusion(TM) 

gives you 

240+ min of 'Effective Therapy,' and the very fastest recovery!

(About 25 cents / min)

So, we can guide you if you ...

- struggle with persistent pain (injury/illness/headaches/joint/spine)?

- want to get to the next level

- wake up and struggle to get moving?

- worry about your job, taking care of your family, or what the rest of your life will be like?

- feel burning or pain during workouts and soreness for days after?

- simply want to walk without pain?

Give us 4 massages...

and even though you may have tried everything including massage, OxiFusion(TM) Massage will change your life!


 Ready to make time for you?

Our services are not easily explained, and we want to prove they work. Please, schedule these 1 week apart.

1. Click here for Deep Cleaning #1 only $49 with promo code PainPerformance. 75 min booking time.

   (You need this cleaning to prepare for the intense Fusion90 DC#2.)

2. Click here for Fusion90 (Sauna15 min+Boot25 min+Massage65 min simultaneously!) only $65 with promo code IntroFusion90.  90 min booking, 400 Min Effective Therapy, save $45!

More info about specific programs...

6 Triathlons in 3 Consecutive Days? Recovery in 3 hours?

In 2019, again in Tomahawk, we recovered muscles in 3 hours. "Without OxiFusion(TM) I would have been done after the first Triathlon, but 3 hours later I shaved 5 minutes off my time and finished with no pain. 6 in 3 days total, and 100 miles on my bike in 7 days. We have proven fatigue is a liquid and can be quickly pushed out of muscles, but only with healthy regenerated muscles.

We have changed sports massage forever!"


Founder and LMT

59 Years Young!

5 Triathlons in 5 Consecutive Days?

"Jul 2018 I went to my cottage in Wisconsin to test the effectiveness of "Muscle Cleaning" combined with technology.  On my own, I would have been done after 2 days, but my fastest 2 days were my last 2 days, and my last 3 set personal records!"

Restoration and Prevention within 24 hours!


Founder and LMT

58 Years Young!

Introducing, OxiFusion(TM)! Muscle Regeneration through Medical Massage Fusion:

Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna

Heat Muscles / Dilate Vessels / 600+ Calories

Medical Device FDA 510K: First we put you in the Sauna that heats your body better than a Massage Therapist, reduces pain & migraines, burns 600+ calories of fat, and breaks up most of the muscle congestion (metabolic waste including lactate, acid, and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury). Applied before the massage and doubles effective therapy time for 2 massages in 1 session.

Promo Code: IntroSaunaWeb

Click Here for 50% off "Sauna20" only $10! 

Click here for the 30 day unlimited option and burn 10,000 + calories!

Detox Leg Muscles while 

Massaging Your Upper Body

Max Cleaning / Recovery Spray

Normatec Pulse Recovery Boots

Directly after the sauna, we apply our Deep Cleaning / Recovery Spray to the legs, wrap them in plastic to further dilate blood vessels, maximize pain reduction, and relax muscles. Then we add the boots to methodically squeeze out the metabolic waste. Simultaneously we begin an upper body Athletic Restoration massage, so you get three massages at once. 

Promo Code: IntroBootWeb

Click here for 50% off "Boot40" so only $25 for 40 min!

Click here for the 30 day unlimited option.

Athletic Medical Massage

The most important Part!

Muscle Regeneration using our

new Cleaning techniques

We remove the boots and work the legs and back with our Athletic Restoration Massage. Specifically it's a Fusion of modalities (Self developed "Cleaning", Thai Yoga for advanced stretching, and Hawaiian for a smooth delivery) that completes the detox, lengthens, and rids the muscles of knots to restore muscles to healthy tissues. 

Click here for "Deep Cleaning #1" for only $49 & 75 min!

Max Recovery Cream & Spray

Max Recovery Cream & Spray

Developed with our Fibromyalgia & Lupus Patients, 

these Get Rid of Cramps & Pain in Seconds!

We stand at the finish line and immediately spray athletes with severe cramps and instantly gets them out of pain! 

"The best I've ever used!" Athlete at NEO Cycle 2018

The same great cream and spray we use during our massages, developed by Fusion4Athletes, they are specifically designed to 'clean' and 'heal' tissues twice as fast. Ingredients relax and clean tight tissues and help red blood cells absorb oxygen for faster recovery. 10 different essential oils to support muscle physiology, reduce pain, clean tissues, and to support nerves and tendons.


Pre-event or in Triathlon transition only spray one or two sprays, and after your event apply 8 sprays on troubled quads, 4 for a calf, 8 lower back, 8 for each rotator cuff, and 4 for each side of the neck, but do not spray over 32 sprays.

If you want the very best and the second is 50% off: 

Click Here for 2 oz

Click Here for 4 oz

Your health is very important to us so please leave a message.

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