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Home Healthcare 7 Simple Steps, IFF you do the work...

The facts are simple, and we can guide you. First the facts so you know why our solutions work, 

and then get ready to take control of your health! 

(iff = If and Only If)

Why doesn't medicine kill viruses?

Fact 1: Bacteria cannot get into the cells so they are outside in water, but Viruses get in. 

Fact 2: Antibiotics are water based and cannot get through the fat (lipid bilayer) into the cell, so they cannot work on viruses.

So we need a fat/oil based solution, or we will continue to lose more than 50,000 people per year to the Flu, Coronavirus, and future viruses. Umm essential oils? 

After 2 days, microscopic pictures prove some essential oils combat viruses!

COMPARE (A) normal cells and (E-J) Essential Oils, EO

to (B) infected with no treatment/drug (C,D) drug treatment.

(A) normal cells IDEAL (B) Infected cells WORST

AntiVirul Drug Oseltamivir (C) normal with drug (D) infected with drug

Marjoram EO (E) normal with MEO (F) infected with MEO

Cleary Sage EO (G, H) Anise (I,J)

NIH Research

"Among the 250 EOs which are commercially available, about a dozen possess high antimicrobial potential."  NIH Research

Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Tea Tree are high in antiviral, antibacteria, and antifungal activity, so we use these oils.

We have just made Proactive4, so put these into your body daily to proactively fight 4Life.

The Research

The top chart shows a portion of the EO's with antiviral activity against A/WS/33 (searching leads me to believe this is Influenza A, H1N1 the nasty Spanish flu that killed 100k-500k people world wide), compared to the drug Oseltamivir to the far right. Many EO's are working far above ZERO, which is doing nothing.

The bottom chart shows cell health when treated, again to the far right is the drug. EO's have little or no effect on normal cells, while the drug negatively impacts normal cells.

Together, confirmed by the tissue slides above, the study shows 3 EO's have more strength against the virus, and combined with little effect on normal cells is better than the drug (F,H,J above compared to D).  Clearly shown in actual slides above. Then the research goes on to say EO's should be targeted for new solutions. Until they do, we must FIRST take control of our health, at home!

7 Home Healthcare Alternatives vs. doing nothing...

Medicine treats a specific issue, we take a Holistic (full body) Functional (treat the root cause) Approach

#1: i4Life (Immune System / Home Lymph Massage)

Why? Our Immune System is clinically our Lymph System, and is our bodies medicine cabinet that kills diseases like viruses. This program teaches you what it is and how it works. You learn why it is slow to react because it has a lot of work to do. It identifies a virus, through a vaccine or direct contact, and goes through a series of cell conversion before it makes the antibody to tag the virus so killer cells can seek and destroy. i4Life (immune system for life) shows you how to speed it up! It takes effort, so if you want to wait for healthcare to develop a medicine, this may not be for you. Otherwise, call 440-584-0248 NOW and ask about i4Life Program!

#2: Medical Massage "Cleaning"

Why? Detox muscles and prepare them for 'medicine'.

In this case Essential Oils that go after viruses need to get into every cell of the body, and our Deep Tissue massages work.

#3: Oxygen

Why? Most disease thrives in an acidic environment, which is low oxygen. Oxygen deprivation, Oxidative Stress, creates Free Radicals so we increase oxygen so you create less Free Radicals and begin to turn your health around = lasting results.

Increase oxygen and you become more alkaline, and fight disease for free!

#4: Essential Oils

Why? They are natural, and we apply them during massages and recommend them for home use.

NIH Research

#5: Antioxidants

Why? Free Radicals are clinically called oxidants, so antioxidants work, and we have many choices.

#6: Salt

Why? Salt kills bacteria, and we have salt inhalers to get salt deep into the lungs.

#7: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Why? It kills viruses, so it's time to let us guide you in the many different applications. Our bodies make H2O2 to fight disease, so come check out our options.

CONGRATULATIONS, you are now prepared to fight, and proactively is the least expensive and has the very best, lasting results.

For more info, contact us at,

or call 440-584-0248

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