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Recovery Massages

Are you ready for lasting results for chronic pain? If so, select this category, and select the massage that best fits your pain. If you are not sure, select the Recovery75 for a 75 min appointment.

Click: Recovery75, Recovery90,  75 min booking time is 130 min of Effective Recovery.

Fusion Massages

Do you want the fastest recovery available? Select the Fusion Massages category for the 4x recovery, so 60 min table time is 240 min Effective Time !



Fusion105, and Fusion120.


Sauna / Boot

Do you want fast recovery on a regular basis without breaking the bank?


Sauna20 + Boot40 is our least expensive, technology only, option.  Champions use these between Fusion Massages.

Emotional Therapy

Are you going through a rough time? You're not alone, and these really help. Designed to put you to sleep, the Purple Hawaiian is a deep flush of your muscles with extra Therapeutic Grade Organic Lavender added for maximum relaxation. 

Purple Hawaiian90

Athletic Massages

Are you preparing for the big game, recovering from one, or enjoy going to the MetroPark? Click this Category  to break your personal record, or maintain good health.


It's all about the results!

Talk is talk, everything helps everything, but over 80% of our athletes are All State.

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