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When you're at your worst, we're at our best.

When you're at your best, we make you better!

Mom's, you are the quarterback of your family, so keep them healthy with Medical Massage Fusion!

For the very best results:

Download App, Book these 1 week apart:

1. Deep Cleaning #1, promo code PainPerformance

     Only $49 Save $26!  ​     Click here...

2. Fusion90 (Sauna20+Boot20+Massage60) code IntroFusion90

     Only $65 Save $45!      Click here...

Fusion is 4x any other sports massage.

These two total 530 min Effective Therapy!

3 Ways to Book!

1. We have a new App Fusion4Athetes (no spaces) 

Then click "My Schedule", and then "Login" or "Register Here."

Athletes4Life clients use "Forgot Password"

2. Using a computer? Click Here 

3. Phone 440-584-0248 before you get too frustrated!

Which Therapy is Best for me?

These are the categories to help you find the best massage for you, and booking is below.

Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Massages: 

If you are in pain, select this category, and start with Deep Cleaning #1. Then tell your therapist where your pain is and they will find the cause of your pain and focus Muscle Restoration techniques to help you. 

Therapeutic 75/90 min, Migraine Headaches, Arthritis, Rotator Cuff, Joint Movement for Cerebral Palsy, and etc.

Fusion Massages

Select the Fusion Massages category for the Fastest Recovery and the highest "Effective Therapy."

Effective Therapy is doubled with the FIR Sauna, so 60 min table time is 120 min Effective Time so you get two massages in one! 

Athletic Massages

Athletic Massages:

Click this Category in the STORE if you are an athlete or non-athlete that is generally pain free and and you want to maintain good health or break your personal record.


Pre/Post Event 75min

JumpStart 90 Min

Thai Yoga (Advanced Stretching)

Golfer's Massage 75, 90 min

Professional 2 hands & 4 hands 2 hr

Emotional Therapy

The Purple Hawaiian is a deep flush of your muscles with extra Therapeutic Grade Organic Lavender added for maximum relaxation while we work to put you to sleep. These are focused toward mental therapy like anxiety, stress and going through tough times.

Purple Hawaiian 75 / 90 min

What most of our customers are saying:

"By far the best massage in NE Ohio!"        "I have my life back!"

"My 10 yr old gymnast's ankle pain and lower back pain is gone, she won first place in the state overall!"

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