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Do you suffer from migraine headaches?

Are you tired of missing out on time with your family?

Have you tried everything and still not found relief?

If so, then a Migraine Medical Massage

may be for you!

Most migraine headaches originate as a muscle problem, pulling on the skull and preventing blood flow to the brain. Medications, designed to relieve pain and manage symptoms, leave you feeling groggy and doctors rarely address the root cause of the migraine, leaving you without a permanent solution. Lost time with loved ones and missed work can leave you feeling hopeless. Stress causes even more muscle tension and intensifies the migraines, and so the cycle continues.

Through our special Fusion Therapy, designed by our founder Jim Wissing, we are able to map the location of the migraine headache to the muscles causing the pain. We then clean and lengthen the muscles for lasting results, reducing the severity, duration, and frequency of migraine headaches. We document your improvement from session to session and work with you to take back your life!

Most of our clients go from headaches lasting several days at a time to just one per month, lasting only a few hours. Many have even reported going from a high of eight down to a zero on the pain scale! When Fusion Therapy is applied to an active migraine, most will find relief in as little as 10 minutes.

Hear what other Fusion4AthletesTM patients have to say.

From constant headaches to headache and medication free. We can help you too!

PayIt4Ward and Gift Someone a 2 Pack? 

Like Yourself!

We are careful in the beginning, so give yourself the opportunity to get your life back.

Are you ready for relief?

Get started today with first session!

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