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Fusion4AthletesTM has taken almost 30 years to develop!

Throughout the 90's Jim worked in the blood Industry, 

learning how a decrease in oxygen increases acid, measured by pH, 

and is the beginning of tissue damage.

In 2000, his career took him to Kodak and the Medical Imaging (XRay) industry

where he could actually see damaged tissues, 

because they showed up on XRay's/CT's/MRI's like a

cloud and progressivelyhair-like scar tissue.

In 2010 Medical Massage became a new start and 

he quickly realized that massage had potential, 

but something more powerful was needed. Knots were the problem, 

but he needed answers:

  • What exactly is a knot?

  • How are they get created?

  • How do we get rid of them?

  • What can I do at home to prevent them? 

I quickly realized healthcare is reactive and treats the symptom of pain, 

so we should be proactive and treat the cause of pain. 

God love my Mom because she taught me to do my homework. 

Reviewing research from the NIH (National Institutes of Health), 

it became clear that Free Radical are the CAUSE.

Working with some of the toughest issues including 

Lupus, IronMan, NFL, MLB, Gymnastics, 

we developed Fusion4AthletesTM to treat the cause 

because Sports Massage did not!

Wouldn't it be great if there was consistency between therapists? 

We have that too!

We have real answers for real problems, 

so if you are fed up with pills, facing surgery, 

have had surgery, want to get to the next level, 

please give us a real chance with 4 appointments.

Jim Wissing


Founder / Owner

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